Online Giving

You can give online by clicking the Give Online button below.  You will be taken to E-Giving's secure website to finish the giving process.  You may choose to have funds drafted from your checking account or use your debit card.  We do not accept payments through credit cards as we do not want to contribute to anyone going into debt to fund the Gospel ministry of Grace.  All contributions will be recorded as a charitable contribution and will appear on your giving statement at the end of the year.

Giving online through your checking account requires your bank check routing number and checking account number. Your routing number is a nine-digit number on the bottom-left corner of a check. Do not use the routing number from a deposit slip. This may vary from your check routing number. 

Cash and Checks

Envelopes are provided for all check and cash offerings during our worship service Sunday mornings.  Please make checks payable to Grace Church.  Gifts by check maybe mailed in to the Finance Department to the address below:  

Grace Church

Attn: Finance Dept

6901 Mt Calvary Dr

Louisville, KY 40214