Why do we sing together corporately every Sunday during worship? This is a question that if answered too quickly can get varied results. There is a root reason that we must sing praises to our God. If we miss it, we are not giving God our all. We can find ourselves singing praises to God, but always feeling like it should be more. We can find ourselves singing on Sunday morning because we feel like it, or because it makes us feel good. We must take time DAILY to prepare our hearts, not just on Sunday prior to walking through church doors for the small amount of time we gather. We must prepare our hearts for the reason we sing, we must remind ourselves who we are singing to. We must remind ourselves that God is WORTHY. We can't afford to miss this. Psalms 18:3 tells us to call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised! God, and only God is worthy of our praise! If we can daily remind ourselves that we worship a God who is Worthy of our Praise, then it will greatly enhance our Sunday worship as we gather together and sing boldly and unashamedly about our God and recall His sacrifice for us. 

When we come to service on Sunday with a worthy view of who God is, we have a desire to sing to Him! God commands all throughout scripture for us to sing praises to Him. Singing is a way to connect on an emotional level many other mediums do not offer. Our minds are quick to remember song lyrics. Many worship songs are covered in words directly from scripture, so we are indirectly memorizing scripture as a congregation, and singing Gods Word back to Him. What better way to praise our God than to sing of what He has done for us and shout praise and thanks to Him! Song writing from creation was meant to produce emotion. We are to give God our best! Simply reading the lyrics on a screen, or singing with constant worry of what others are thinking of your voice is not giving our best. Church, we are all sons and daughters of our Father in heaven, it is a joyful noise to Him. If my children are singing songs, there is never a thought of how it sounds, it is a joyful noise!  We must breakdown our comfort barriers and sing to God with our highest level of genuine emotion, all the while remembering that he is worthy! Singing to the worthy Savior is a springboard into our weekly lives as we continue to go as Christ commands us, seeking and saving the lost! 

-Steven Peck, Worship Pastor