How do we worship? To answer this vital question we must first answer a few others. What does worship mean? According to Webster it is “the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.”Reverence- Deep respect. Adoration-Deep love. So in essence, worshiping God should be expressing a deep love and deep respect for God, understanding that we only have this love for Him because He first loved us. The head knowledge here seem s simple, but what does it mean to have a deep love and respect for God, and how can we achieve this properly and on a regular basis? How often do you show up for “church and fellowship” on a Sunday morning instead of worship? A tougher question would be how often do we go about our week and never think about worshiping God until we walk through the church doors on Sunday morning? How/When are you worshiping God?

We must be quick to check our daily lives for worship? Worshiping God is something we must strive to do continually. In John 4:24 Jesus tells us to worship God in spirit and in truth. He has given us the key to worship.We must worship in both spirit and in truth. One with out the other will result in a worship that lacks depth or meaning. We must be in the spirit, showing emotions of love and respect to God. However, without the truth our emotions can run wild with no respect for the word of God. We must have the truth, an understanding of Gods word and doctrine. It must be a combination of both emotion and knowledge of God in order to worship God the way Christ command us to. 

All of our knowledge, or truth, can not come on Sunday. Just the same, all of our emotion, or spirit fullness, can not come on Sunday. We must seek to worship our God, the creator of the universe more than once a week… Psalm 63:1 says this “O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you;my soul thirsts for you;my flesh faints for you,as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”Are we earnestly seeking the Lord, thirsting for the living water?! God desires us to sincerely seek Him on a daily basis. If we can understand the truth of who God is and the sacrifice He has made for us, then worshiping Him on a daily basis becomes automatic. 

Worshiping throughout your week, then sets us up to gather together. As we gather on Sunday as one church to worship our King and Savior, we must be ready to worship in spirit and truth. We are among brothers and sisters in Christ, and should have no shame in expressing emotions that are brought on by the Holy Spirit. We are worshiping our creator together and have an unified understanding that Christ came to this earth, and was given by the Father as a sacrifice for us. So we can not sit idle during worship, we must sing loudly to our God! We must clap and shout praises to our God! Only He is Worthy! We must worship because we believe. Not only that He has saved us, but that he didn’t stop there, he continues to show us grace and mercy. We worship because we know He can do it again.

-Steven Peck, Worship Pastor